Healthcare Security

IPS has a rapidly growing team of Healthcare Security Professionals. Our staff are given specific training
to prepare them to be ready for Healthcare environment

Healthcare Security: Safeguarding with Compassion and Expertise

In the sensitive and demanding realm of healthcare, security takes on a profoundly significant role. At Integrated Protection Services (IPS), we recognise the unique challenges that come with providing security in healthcare settings. Our rapidly expanding team of Healthcare Security Professionals is not just trained in the fundamentals of safety; they are equipped with specific skills tailored for the healthcare environment, ensuring a secure, compassionate, and respectful atmosphere for patients, staff, and visitors.

Specialised Training: The Heartbeat of Healthcare Security

Our security professionals undergo a rigorous training program that transcends traditional security protocols. This specialised training is focused on the nuances of healthcare security, from emergency department dynamics to patient privacy concerns. Our staff are prepared to handle a spectrum of situations unique to healthcare settings, including patient elopements, behavioral health incidents, and infant protection. They are also trained in infection control procedures, ensuring their practices align with healthcare standards and contribute to a safe environment for everyone.